We take a lot of care in selecting local products of great quality, organic when possible, and also fair trade products.
We try our best to propose them at very attractive prices, as we believe that quality must be affordable for all.

7 breton beers on pumps : Tri Martolod (2.20 € half) Blanche Hermine, and Bonnets Rouges brewed by Lancelot, Coreff's organic blond and Coreff Stout, plus a guest beer (2,50 € half)

Around 20 breton beers in bottles : we retail beers from the brasseries Lancelot (56), An Alarc'h (brasserie des Monts d'Arrée -29) ,
Tri Martolod (29) Brasserie de Pouldreuzic (29), de Sainte Colombe (35),
(3.50 € bottle 33 cl )

etiquette pirate

and also the excellent
brewed by Francky (BAR'Z'ART BREIZH)

at the "brasserie de POULDREUZIC"

We also have some excellent chouchenn (mead) , from the Cave Du Dragon Rouge (22)

Home-made special Rum (2.50 € the shot)

organic wines (1.50 € the glass )

Organic apple juice (2.50 € bottle 33 cl), fair-trade fruit juices ( 2.40 € bottle ),

and a very large range of organic teas, herbal and spiced teas ( 1.80 € / 2.20 €))

and many other products ...

Breton beer and chouchenn to take away

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health