le brasses du bengale

At the end of April 2006, we re-opened the pub after several month of refurbishing.
Previously, the bar was know as "le PORZ DIHAN", before that " le THONNIER", and before "chez PASCALINE".

The number 35 of the GRANDE RUE was built in the first half of the XVII century, between 1610 and 1640, during the reign of Louis the XIII. In 1671, the house was sold to Mr Guiraud LAROCHE, who was "host and wine merchant" , so the building was a tavern in those days...

Afterward, the house changed hands many times. At some point, it was occupied by two retired Captains of Vessel from the "Compagnie des Indes".

Port-Louis was the base of the French East India Company, and has a very rich history.

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breton canot
The Capitain's vessel

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